We focus on absolute returns for clients’ investments and benchmark our performance against market indices. We believe that adding value should reflect itself in returns which are superior to the relevant market indices.

Our Investment Style

Most fund managers focus their investment strategy on one particular investment style such as contrarian investing, growth investing, value investing etc. Each investment style has its downsides and limitations.

We employ Multi-Style Investment Strategy approach, giving us the flexibility to select the best aspects of each investment style and apply it at the most appropriate times in the market. This way we have the flexibility to scour the financial markets for opportunities without constraint.

Having no constraints allows us to examine opportunities outside the main indices, where the majority of fund managers do not venture, since most players in the investment community concentrate their portfolios on ASX200 companies. This gives us the advantage of uncovering companies undiscovered by the investment community at large.

Investment Process

We examine the market for opportunities such as:

  • Capital raisings
  • Under-valued asset plays
  • Initial public offerings
  • Market themes and trends
  • Turnaround opportunities
  • Cyclical opportunities
  • Fast growing business
  • Mature business

After identifying a potential investment we take a business focused investing approach by understanding the company, assessing its position in its industry, its current business strategy, any competitive advantages it holds, and the ability of management to realistically achieve its objectives.

This often involves:

  • Company visits and discussions with management
  • Seeking out the key business drivers and any catalysts
  • Assessing management’s track record
  • Determining the company’s ability to grow
  • Looking for any constraints to growth
  • Financial analysis
  • Future capital requirements of the business