To ensure that we deliver sound advice, we consult the very latest economic and market research from a number of leading Australian and international research houses. We also conduct our own face to face meetings with senior management of companies which interest us. We constantly review fund performance and seek out the most promising and secure investments. We consider the economic environment, both global and domestic, in our analysis of which asset classes and industry sectors are likely to provide the most favourable outcomes – and our performance bears this out.

But we don’t do it in isolation; we analyse your individual financial risk profile to match our recommendations to your objectives.


Astute financial decision-making begins with access to reliable research and relevant current information.  

Our portfolio management service offers:

  • Individually managed investment portfolios
  • Comprehensive tracking of investments held inside and outside superannuation
  • The flexibility to accommodate various investment structures
  • Timely responses to market opportunities and changing circumstances
  • 24/7 secure internet access your investment portfolio, providing you with control over your portfolio and allowing you to make targetted investment decisions – a major advantage over pooled managed funds.


We provide full administration and investment.

This service includes:

  • Daily administration
  • Continuous revaluation of investments
  • Online access to your investment portfolio and individual investments
  • Monthly investment portfolio reports
  • Very low brokerage rates
  • Electronic settlement
  • A full investment advice and compliance service for self-managed superannuation funds

We also offer a full administration and compliance service for clients who wish to retain external advisers.