At Morgan Wealth Management Group, we provide high quality financial advice to our clients throughout Australia,  including:

  • Tax-effective investment advice –  We are best known for our investment advice, with some of our top selections and their returns being showcased on our home page. We provide our clients with very cost-effective brokerage, 0.06% per trade with a minimum of $11.95 inclusive of GST. We also ensure that their financial affairs are arranged in the most tax-effective manner so that their returns on investments are maximised.
  • Self-managed superannuation fund administration – Superannuation can be very tax effective, but you must follow the superannuation “rules” or you may face large penalties. We administer our clients’ SMSFs and advise them on their superannuation to maximise their wealth.
  • Retirement planning – With the recent restrictions on the size of super contributions, it is important that you commence contributing to super as early as possible in your career, and we give our clients strategies that will maximise their super balances at the end of their careers.
  • Estate planning – With astute investing and tax planning, we can ensure that you do not pay tax unnecessarily and that there is a smooth transition.of your estate to your heirs.

Our clients can call and speak to our advisers at any time, and can log in and view their portfolios 24/7. All clients’ portfolios are reviewed daily. Our fees are based on funds under management, and invoiced monthly. Clients receive individual monthly investment performance reports.


To discuss how we can assist with your wealth creation, contact Wayne Morgan (Principal Wealth Advisor):

Tel: 1300 612 882

Email: [email protected]