At Morgan Wealth, we have a history of giving back to the community by supporting social and cultural organisations which share our core values of excellence, integrity and care for others. We do so by providing corporate sponsorships and donations to organisations which we believe enhance the lives of others in the broader community.

The organisations we support include:


Yarra Riverkeepers Association


The Yarra Riverkeeper Association speaks for the Yarra, Melbourne’s own beautiful, resilient, iconic River. The Association is the credible and authoritative voice for the River. It is an independent community of citizen-advocates that works solely in the interest of the river. The spokesperson of the Association is the Yarra Riverkeeper, and the Riverkeeper boat is permanently moored in the Yarra and patrols the River. As the population of Melbourne balloons and demands for open spaces grow, our River is coming under increasing pressure.

“We advocate for the River: for green spaces, for water quality, for biodiversity, for the birds, animals, insects and reptiles along the River, for good planning decisions, for the tributaries, for the parklands, for appropriate recreation; and for an understanding of our river and its role in the life of the city of Melbourne. We lobby governments and we educate the community. We tell the story of the River.”

– Andrew Kelly, Yarra Riverkeeper.


The Melbournaires Harmony Chorus


The Chorus provides men of all ages with the opportunity to participate in a range of small and large choruses which regularly provide performances to a wide range of community organisations through its Outreach Program. Morgan Wealth has provided financial support to the Chorus for a considerable number of years as corporate sponsors.




Australian African Foundation for Retention and Opportunity

The AAFRO Foundation is an organisation in Melbourne, run by, and for the benefit of,  people of African descent to build relationships between them and the wider Australian community. The foundation engages in a number of projects with educational programs, skills workshops, and local associations to encourage positive adaptation and self-development of young people facing difficulties. Morgan Wealth has established an ongoing funding relationship with AAFRO and is a firm supporter of providing educational pathways or transitions to work, for young people in need.


Melbourne Symphony Orchestra


We provide financial support through our founder, Wayne Morgan and his partner Penny, as patrons of the Orchestra which is one of Melbourne’s iconic cultural institutions and provides world-class performances of classical and contemporary music throughout Australia and overseas. The orchestra through its Education and Community Engagement Program also seeks to make orchestral music available to individuals of all ages to develop a deep and lasting connection between its musicians and the broader community.